The Toughest Roof in Oklahoma — Double Lock Standing Seam Metal Roof

These commercial building standing seam metal roofs are not farm roofs.

Metal roofing is budget-friendly, long–lasting, and virtually maintenance free. Our roofing material offers real protection, and peace of mind for commercial building owners.

Architects and builders use standing seam metal roofs because they enhance the appearance of their projects, save energy costs, and reflectivity keeps the roof and interior spaces cooler. With the low-gloss metal roof coating, ULTRA-Cool*™, energy bills are reduced. Meet Energy STAR and LEED requirements for reflectivity and emissivity by using our metal roofs.

Multiple benefits of standing seam commercial roofs:

  • 35-Year Standard Kynar Paint Finish Warranty
  • Eliminates Maintenance and Reduces Operating Costs
  • Increases your Building’s Value
  • Engineered for Strength and Longevity
  • Made from Recycled Material
  • Energy Efficient
  • Available in a Wide Range of Colors

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