The Toughest Roof in Oklahoma — Double Lock Standing Seam Metal Roof

 We offer the most durable and toughest metal roof possible.

Due to all the damage caused by hail storms, BSB Metal Roofs began installing the far superior standing seam metal roofing system. Standard asphalt and architectural shingles simply cannot survive.

Metal roofs last longer, and protect your home better than any other roofing material. Being Oklahomans, we know how much damage the wind, rain, ice, and hail can do to old fashioned roofing materials. Metal roofs just last longer and are better for your home.

Why we install standing seam roofs

They do not expose the nail or screw heads to the the deteriorating effects of the sun. Compared to other types of metal roofs, we have the advantage of being able to mechanically cut our panels to the specific measurement needed for each individual panel.

This in itself provides multiple benefits. Mechanically cutting with our rail saw system we provide an exact straight line. No burring or crooked cuts caused by hand snips. When the metal panels are folded over the drip edge and crimped tight, our cuts will look precision made and create a perfect straight flat line.

Keep in mind the cut part will be clearly visible from ground level just staring at the roof. Hand cut panels will leave a crooked wavy effect. You could look at this difference and immediately tell the separation in quality. When a contractor puts crown molding in your home the miter cuts match perfectly, when "uncle Dave" gives it a shot you are left with off angles and gaps. Same difference.


With 30+ years experience installing shingle roofs all across Oklahoma and Texas the partners of BSB came together to install double lock standing seam metal roofs.

More precise measurements

The other benefit of being able to cut on site is that we can cut to the exact lengths needed. If you have ever roofed anything in your life, chances are you know that the measurements you take from one side of a slope, the middle of the slope, and the other side of a slope never match up. We can adjust cut length as needed, when needed. Again other companies can trim panels also, but it will be a hand cut and never of equal quality.

Our system has been devised to never have an exposed hand cut. Of course there are areas that have to be trimmed with shears (nature of the beast), but by using our methods those areas will never be visible. One side of the panel will always remain a mechanical cut (the visible side) the other is folded into the valley/peak/eave or whatever.

We are experienced at working with insurance companies

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